John Vuotto  does  One Rite Thing


 Ties That Bind
A bag of clichés put together by Jim Moore that I made into an upbeat pop tune

 The Player
A modern version of "the gambler " with no lesson

Margarita Sweethearts of the Air
These mysterious women had a radio show in the twenties. Jim Moore wrote the words and I did the music.

La Varsoviana Are You Experienced
The proverbial Hendrix spoof that still blows me away after 27 years.

Long Chain On
A nod to one of my main influences, Peter, Paul and Mary, with Vuotto chord changes.

Amor Ardiente Stealin' from my friends
A lot of songwriters take themselves too seriously.



 I Fought The Law
Though just a simple ditty, probably my favorite recording so far.

 That I Do
Recorded with one guitar, a tom-tom and two microphones on the voice

Wayfairing Stranger
My version is a copy of the 60's HP Lovecraft acid-anthem

Can't Make Your Way
.A home recorded, tongue-in-cheek goof on this unlikely Yardbirds song with Paul Girard on banjo

 The Feet That Meet
Solo guitar instrumental


"A sharp witted singer-songwriter and an ace guitarist"
Philadelphia Inquirer music critic Dan DeLuca